Our Vision

Support clients with disabilities and their families in sustaining a self-directed lifestyle.

Our Mission

Provide optimum care for individuals enabling them to live the best quality of life.

Our Core Values


Understand our client needs and upskill our staff accordingly to minimise clinical risks. Implement leading technologies to improve services for clients and staff and remain up-to-date with industry best practices. Utilise our IT infrastructure to develop efficient systems that support the business throughout a continued growth phase.


Discuss the process of care openly with all involved. Implement systems of work in consultation with our client base. Promise only what we can deliver. Maintain open and transparent financial records. Engage services of independent auditors annually.

Local Community

Look after your neighbours. Support your community both physically and economically.


Advocate for our clients. Guide and support individuals to accomplish decisions they have made about their own lives.


Support individuals to make their own decisions in life.


Conduct our business in an honest manner ensuring we continue our practice of ethical decision making.


Continue to support our clients when other service providers have opted out.


Govern the organisation responsibly and effectively.

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