Spinal Injury

The effects of a serious spinal cord injury on the body, including paralysed muscles and other changes to the body, mean that people who have such an injury require support to meet their daily personal and lifestyle needs.

Our Attendant Care Workers provide assistance with personal care, light domestic duties and community access. In special circumstances, arrangements can be made for personal support in the workplace and for holiday travel. We endeavour to work collaboratively with our clients to develop a support programme tailored to individual requirements and flexible to changing circumstances. We value our clients’ involvement in all aspects of service delivery, recruitment, training and the ongoing management of Attendant Care workers.

All of our Personal Support Workers are recruited on the basis of experience and the special personal qualities which we know will instill confidence in clients of their ability to provide a dedicated and professional service. All undertake comprehensive training, including on the job training with an experienced worker familiar with the client’s individual needs.


Technology, expertise, and funding are now available to support ventilator dependent patients outside of hospital. Dolleina works with the hospital care team to establish the crucial links from a successful discharge to a well-developed plan of care at home where all team members, including family are involved. 

Training of the home care team in ventilation includes:

Acquired Brain Injury

Few illnesses or injuries result in the devastating and overwhelming damage that can accompany severe brain injury. The loved one who sustains a brain injury is no longer the same person: he or she may behave differently, think differently, and take in the world differently. And when one member of a family changes, the entire family changes. We coordinate care among multiple disciplines including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory specialists, skilled and attendant care to help you recover a normal life as quickly as possible. 

Dolleina provides:

Wound Care

Dolleina provides RN for wound management and consultation. Constant skin checks and maintaining skin integrity are key tasks performed by our nurses. Our best defense against wounds is to focus on prevention. 

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