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We tailor all of our services to help our clients reach their goals with the support they need. Meet some of our amazing clients and hear what they have to say about being with Nextt.


Jacob experienced a spinal cord injury in 2019. Here he talks about his transition into his Supported Independent Living home at Thornleigh.

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Ros and Jane recently moved to their new forever home in Boolaroo.


In 1979, Peter was involved in a car accident that left him in a coma for 3 months. Nextt, together with SDA provider Good Housing recently helped Peter to move into his brand new, purposefully built SDA home in leafy Mt Colah which is designed for high physical supports and to be fully accessible. 

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An Acquired Brain Injury made it difficult for Anthony to speak and to maintain his balance.

With the support of Nextt, Anthony has gained a lot of independence and confidence. We help him get out and about in the community, supporting his mobility, coffees in the park, and help him to engage in tai chi which helps with his balance.


Macauley, known as Mac, is a 21 year old Nextt client from Victoria. Mac has grown so much since he moved into his Supported Independent Living home some 5 to 6 months ago. Mac has made this space his own, with a Hot Wheel’s race track wall, as well as a vegetable garden where he grows his own fruit and veggies.

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Mark was involved in a serious car accident which left him in critical condition. His ribs were fractured and broken. He had to have plates inserted in his hips and his foot was crushed. The accident left him clinically dead for 6 minutes.  With the support of Nextt, Mark is now on his journey to recovery. 


After Judith suffered from a stroke 22 years ago, she ended up in an aged care nursing facility. She was in her early 40s at the time.  She felt she didn’t really belong, and lost track of the outside world. Today she lives in her new Supported Independent Living home in Sydney.

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Darrel has lived life and had experiences that many could only dream of. Due to a rare medical condition, he lost the ability to walk, up to 85% of his hearing and everything he had. Darrel’s positivity, resilience and zest for life is an inspiration to everyone he meets, and we are privileged to be able to support Darrel and make a positive difference in his life.


Since moving into their new Supported Independent Living Home in Sydney, Kylie, Jane and Ros have formed their own community.  They all share similar interests, which is highlighted by Ros and Jane’s love for music.

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Since moving into their new Supported Independent Living home in Sydney, Vanessa, Maryanne and Robyn have become much more independent, and getting more out of life.


Since moving into her new home, Jen has a lot more independence to do the things she loves to do. She is a strong member within the Ballarat community. Jen has a lovely team of support workers who are an extended family to her and are there during the good and bad days.
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Jack has had many challenges with his mental health over the years. With the help of Nextt, he has managed to conquer some of his struggles and get back out into the community.

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Ken from Ballarat is 56 years old who had a massive stroke a few years ago paralysing the left side of his body: “I had to learn how to talk, walk and I am still learning how to control some parts of my body.” 

Ken transitioned from a different home to the Webster St House in Ballarat and absolutely loves it. 

He is a lot more himself and relaxed. He is more confident in himself and able to put his ideas forward as well as engaging in conversations with other people. 

Ken has a great team of support workers who love working with him and appreciate his witty humour. Nextt have played a large role in helping Ken become more independent and to get more out of life. 

Watch the video to meet Ken.

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Angus shares his journey with Nextt.

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Find out how Nextt supported John to engage with the local community, improve his daily living skills and pursue his passion for horses.

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