Meet Danny

Danny is 64 and was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia a couple of years ago.

Following his diagnosis, he lived in a nursing home, which he didn’t enjoy. After a decline in his health, he was admitted to hospital.

Danny spent over 12 months in hospital, where he was  unsettled. He required frequent intervention from nursing staff to settle him and also suffered from night-terrors, requiring 1:1 support.

Danny needed to be in an environment where he is reassured, engaged, and close to his family.

Nextt worked with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, HenderCare’s NDIS Support Coordination team and an allied health team for Danny to be discharged to a Supported Independent Living (SIL) home in Adelaide.

We introduced him to his potential housemate, Stephen.  Both had similar interests and needs such as gardening, board games, music, football, and they both have sweet tooths.

Since moving to his new Supported Independent Living home, Danny has been enjoying the garden, engaging with staff, and building a friendship with Stephen.

His family have given feedback that they are very happy and feeling much more settled now that Danny has a home where he is happy.

This Friday, we’re celebrating Danny’s first birthday out of hospital with cake and a house party!