How Nextt changed Sean’s life

Nextt has changed Sean's life

Sean recently contacted our Nextt team in Coffs Harbour.
He thanked us for our quality of service and for supporting him to leave the house without being afraid and meet new people.

“Before I was with Nextt I was having trouble with everyday life and just kept to myself,” Sean said. “With the help of my support workers, I am able to leave the house and I’m starting to be more confident.”

Sean said that Terri from Nextt had investigated and listened to his needs and helped with putting a great team of support workers together.

Sean has recently joined an Auslan group in Coffs Harbour, and started to go 10-pin bowling. These are the types of social activities he was once afraid to do.

The Nextt staff are constantly inspiring Sean to do more. Sean is accomplishing things he did not believe he was capable of, and he is ready to keep ticking goals off his list, including sky diving. 

“Terri and my support workers have gone above and beyond for me,” Sean said. “They have made so much more possible. They don’t take no for an answer. We all like to say: where there is a will, there is a Terri.”

“I have been motivated to set goals and do things that are now possible.”

Thank you Sean for this amazing feedback, and a huge well done to Terri and the Coffs Harbour team for their fantastic support.