What Good Looks Like @ Nextt: Uncovering What Makes Our People Great


Have you ever wondered what makes someone truly shine in the workplace and what traits empower an organisation? At Nextt, we wanted to know what truly drives our employees and how we can best nurture them in their role and goals for the future. That’s why we interviewed select high-performing frontline employees, mainly our incredible Disability Support Workers who work directly with clients, to create the What Good Looks Like @ Nextt Framework.


Think of it as a cheat sheet for excellence, built by the people who know it best! We covered many regions including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Geelong, and Newcastle, conducting 45-minute online interviews filled with in-depth discussions. There were 16 questions designed to focus on our key strategic pillars:  

  • Client Experience 
  • Employee Experience 
  • Growth & Sustainability 

The Goal 

To answer a burning question: How do we cultivate high-performing frontline employees?  

By listening to those already doing amazing things in their field, we are able to define and showcase what “good performance” looks like within our company and culture.


Nextt Culture is built on Person-Centred Support 

  • Diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity: These were the top words used to describe our culture. 11 interviewees described Nextt’s culture as diverse, inclusive, equal opportunities and feel supported, while 8 people specifically mentioned feeling ‘respected’ in their everyday role. 
  • Teamwork makes the dream work: Team members are described as approachable, welcoming, friendly, and caring. Plus, the interview data showed that everyone feels a strong connection to the clients they support. 
  • Client-first focus: Being client-centred is part of our mission at Nextt and this runs deep throughout the organisation. Our employees expressed how much they enjoy spending time with the people they support and appreciate building a connection with each person they work with. 


Top 7 Traits of a Nextt Ambassador 

  1. Client-centred: Always putting the client first and showing respect for each individual. 
  1. Communicator and active listener: Understanding that each person has different communication abilities and styles, actively listening to ensure people feel heard, and working together to find solutions. 
  1. Adaptable and flexible: When things change, it’s important to be responsive and present in order to continue providing the best support we can and ensure safety. 
  1. Empathetic and dedicated: Working with people and supporting them to achieve their goals can be difficult, but our Disability Support Workers understand that we’re all human and we all deserve self-determination and to live a quality life. 
  1. Caring and compassionate: Building genuine connections, allowing space and grace during hard times, and showing kindness. 
  1. Professional and has integrity: Upholding high standards at work, considers ethical conduct, and is consistent in doing the ‘right’ thing. 
  1. Problem Solver: Being creative when it comes to problem-solving and providing a psychologically safe environment for sharing ideas. 


Outstanding Observations 

  • Client matching magic: Pairing Disability Support Workers with clients who share interests can create a special bond and allows individuals to build rapport and trust. 
  • Humility heroes: We noticed that the best of our cohort often found it hard to talk highly about their achievements and skills – it seems that humility is just part of who they are. 
  • Learning and development: Many Disability Support Workers have expressed interest in further education and leadership opportunities. 


Words of Wisdom 

During the interviews, our Disability Support Workers shared some gems that perfectly captured the spirit of What Good Looks Like @ Nextt: 

  • “I put myself in [the client’s] shoes, give them the maximum respect and ensure they have dignity.”   
  • “Never forget we are guests in their houses.”   
  • “[Clients] are in charge of their own care so if they want it a certain way that’s what I will do.”    
  • “I try to make a good work environment by having fun with Support Workers and clients.”   
  • “Nothing beats on-the-job experience; you learn more from the clients than you can in any classroom.” 
  • “I will present different ways to solve the problem—you have to be dynamic and think on your feet.” 
  • “I strive to be an example to other Support Workers, be respectful of clients and take pride in working for Nextt.”   


In Summary 

The What Good Looks Like @ Nextt Framework has become foundational in our talent acquisition and retention efforts including recruitment, traineeships, coaching and development. We’ve been able to implement Disability Support Worker Check-Ins based on the framework and more. 


By fostering the qualities and attributes we identified in the framework and supporting professional development, the What Good Looks Like @ Nextt is shaping the organisation with aligned goals and purpose-driven individuals.