Bryson’s journey to start his own costume business

At Nextt Disability Services, we are thrilled to spotlight the journey of Bryson to start his own costumes and creations business.

At Nextt Disability Services, we are thrilled to spotlight the journey of Bryson, a driven and creative individual who is turning his dreams into reality.

Bryson, a valued member of our Coffs Harbour community, receives a range of support services from Nextt, including support to access his local community, participate in social and recreational activities, and to live independently.

At Nextt our vision is to support our clients to “get more out of life” and to reach their individual goals.  Bryson had shared with us that his personal goal is to start his own business and sell his creations, particularly costumes.  His support workers have been helping him to achieve this by supporting him to plan his weekly activities, scout for reasonably priced materials, and even visit thrift shops to discover useful items for recycling and repurposing.

Bryson has an incredible passion for crafting which includes sewing costumes, performing alterations, and creating and painting boomerangs. When he recently shared some of his beautifully crafted teddy bears with his Support Coordinator Cate, the idea of the “Nextt bear” was born.

Cate encouraged Bryson to make a special “Nextt bear” to highlight Bryson’s incredible craftsmanship and also symbolise his aspiration to start his own costume business.  Cate suggested we could display the “Nextt bear” in our Coffs Harbour office with Bryson’s contact details. Anyone interested in purchasing one of Bryson’s creations could then see the bear and get in touch with him directly.

At Nextt, we are immensely proud of Bryson’s determination, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. We’ve already been thinking of commissioning Bryson to create a special bear for each of our offices.  We stand firmly behind him as he takes these inspiring steps toward realising his small business dream.

Stay tuned to witness Bryson’s remarkable progress and follow his journey towards entrepreneurship!  To find out more about purchasing one of Bryson’s creations, please contact our Coffs Harbour office on (02) 6651 3220.