Celebrating Poetry Month with Veronica’s Poems

Nextt is thrilled to showcase the poetic talent of one of our Brisbane clients, Veronica. She has graciously shared three of her beautiful poems with us, and we are excited to share them with the world.

August is Poetry Month, a nationwide celebration of Australian poetry initiated by Red Room Poetry in 2021. This month-long event, from 1st to 31st August, aims to enhance the accessibility, awareness, and visibility of poetry in all its forms for diverse audiences.

At Nextt, we are thrilled to participate in this celebration by showcasing the poetic talent of one of our Brisbane clients, Veronica. She has graciously shared three of her beautiful poems with us, and we are excited to share them with the world.

Poem 1: “Luxury”

In “Luxury,” Veronica paints a vivid picture of seeking pleasures within the ordinary moments of life. Imagination takes centre stage, as she envisions a world where even the mundane is transformed into enchanting treasures. Her words transport us to a realm where fantasy mingles with reality, and love and longing intertwine.


I love a little pleasure in the trajectory of the sun;

The day brings imaginative treasures like a Lotus bun.

This fascination extends to the realm of the supernatural;

Luxury is something I strive for within the preternatural.

Ambrosia like natural is collected by bees in the hive;

I wish to sup off this elixir and feel alive.

My imagination creates a palace out of my simple home

Love beckons me and a fantasy gypsy makes me roam.

A misty morning draws near my vespers;

Daylight masquerades as Lucifer writing my papers.

Moonlight looks strangely like a platinum disc;

Breathing in the ozone becomes my daily risk.

Castles of water vapour surround my fantasy life;

Boring politics force me to abscond from strife.

Time strides impatiently through the cosmos;

Life surges forward commanded by the biblical Amos.

Champagne, candles, perfume, flowers and sumptuous food

Manufactured by monks, brothers attired in the hood.

How much do I miss my little boy?

I dreadfully miss the exquisite joy.

Veronica Juliet Toth

Poem 2: “One Love of Roses”

Veronica’s second poem, “One Love of Roses,” beautifully captures the deep connection Veronica shares with these flowers, and how they have had a tremendous influence on her life. Each line is infused with emotion, and the imagery evokes a sense of grace and elegance.

One Love of Roses

Since my birth my father made me love roses
This brought mirth to all my family in poses
The fragrance of one hundred white roses
Suffused the atmosphere with perfumed doses

Goddess-like the planet Venus shined on my life
I swore I would only become a rose lover’s wife
Mars sparkled like a flaming red rose bud
The evening sky’s aurora australis flew through chiffon blood

My father’s bouquet hovered like a white nimbus cloud
It guided my life to university of which my mother is proud
Beautiful dreams flooded my mind
Beautiful people were immensely kind

Love in all its facets is one love of roses
A desiderata manifesto of hedonism in voguish poses
If each white rose were a diamond, I would own a crystal treasure
All of my life this garland has given me pleasure

Brilliance of love’s light pursues me to the stars
I hope I live for one hundred magnificent years
Each filled with glamorous accomplishment instead of tears
One hundred roses will slay all my fears

Veronica Juliet Toth

Poem 3: “Once upon a Time in a Cloud of Thought”

In her third poem, “Once upon a Time in a Cloud of Thought,” Veronica introduces us to a world where mystical creatures interact in a land of dreams. The poem takes us on a journey where butterflies, dolphins, unicorns, and more come to life, creating a tapestry of enchantment.

Once upon a Time in a Cloud of Thought

A sacred butterfly called Gossamer created a map for the dolphin Aura.
Deep ozone breathing Aura saw the trail of Gossamer’s spirit
And the deer Felicity, who gracefully told the unicorn Uriel
where the nimbus clouds were shimmering with rainbow warmth.
Elating, uplifting, flying clouds, fluttering butterfly
Scattering Stars in the light of earth’s orbit

Felicity started a conversation between the horse named Charlemagne and Uriel.
Felicity, Uriel and Charlemagne agreed that the land of Chestnuts and Forget me Knots
was heavenly and blissfully abundant.
The creatures thanked Uriel for his supernatural eyes which sensed the possibilities
and guided them to this sanctuary.

Capture the nectar from the beautiful flowers
said Uriel to Felicity, Charlemagne and Aura,
after he conversed with Gossamer.
The nectar gave them all euphoria and vivacity
The river gave longevity to all who drank from it.
The nectar created generations of beautiful unicorns, deer, dolphin angels, powerful stallions, an abundance of creatures with unique guidance.

Once upon a time in a cloud of thought
Life was rich and so was the living culture.

Veronica Juliet Toth

Veronica’s poems exemplify the power of words to capture emotions, dreams, and stories. They remind us of the beauty and depth that poetry can bring to our lives.